Who wants my worn Steward Pantyhose? [offering] $45 for 3 days of wear. [kik] Shannon.Stew

Nov 8, 2019

Who wants my worn Flight Attendant Pantyhose? [selling] $45 for three days of wear. [kik] Shannon.Stew< img class="alignnone size-full" src="https://preview.redd.it/pf1ub9u89 cw31 png?auto = webp & s = b23 d 23b5398fb96d413b25556 d7d 015 cee610675" alt="That desires my used Steward Pantyhose? [selling] $ 45 for three days of wear. [kik] Shannon.Stew"/ >
. Live Pantyhose Action
. I such as stockings, because they are fucking attractive! Who desires my used Flight Attendant Pantyhose? [selling] $ 45 for three days of wear. [kik] Shannon.Stew. My stunning pussy says these pantyhose are really fucking hot!


  1. mark87vancity

    Hello there, did you wear those without panties on?

  2. taocpa


  3. cpr8094

    What sort of pantyhose are they?


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