Sexy Ebony Babe Sophia Rips Her Pantyhose and Fucks Herself

Jan 22, 2020

Something I don’t get to often is black women in pantyhose. The reason why is there isn’t a lot of ebony babes in my area except this one hottie named Sophia. I meet Sophia thru a mutual friend. After talking some I asked her if she wanted to be apart of my pantyhose fetish photoshoots. She was all for it and told me she would love to get off with her favorite toy. after she rips her pantyhose off. Well meanwhile I had a hard on but you get the point ..A few days later she shows up in this outfit and you can see the results below.

Now if you think that it is hot you should watch the actual video, I got a teaser of it on Xvideos you can see it by clicking here. I am in the process of uploading the whole video for your viewing pleasure This black girl gets her dildo all wet in side the nice pink pussy. I would love if she would let me tear her pantyhose open and fuck her.


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