How old were you when you recognized you had a thing for pantyhose

Mar 22, 2024

How old were you when you understood you had a thing for pantyhose

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  1. kalas_aran

    Mid teenagers, If I remember

  2. b-s-o-d-

    10 or 11 years of ages, perhaps a little more youthful after discovering a set in the laundry. I took a them and Mom learnt. Speak about a spanking I’ll always remember for tearing them up haha. My better half of 10 plus years began using them just recently regularly after letting her understand I’ve not just been concealing my fetish for her feet however likewise nylons (extremely unfortunate that it took me that long to speak out) she rocks More fishnet design than anything however understands it drives me wild when they are large or black. She stated in the beginning it ran out design however used them seeing all the attention she got. I advised her we do not typically see ladies dressed like girls any longer and to understand a great deal of guys miss out on the “great ol days”

  3. One_Author4463

    16 … and I’m 49 now

    … been a very long time fan, however never ever had anybody who would let me delight in any

  4. TCO_123

    Same as previously. Grade 5 ish? 10 or two! They r so hot on you !! Xo

  5. Different_Handle5063

    Oooohhh Ms. Pixiefeet! Really 5th grade instructor … I beinged in the last row right by her desk. She would take her shoes off and trek her skirt up routinely. She constantly had control tops and strengthened toes … and never ever used panties! I miss out on Mrs. T. !!!

  6. Zeraora_Lover28_

    2 years ago

    however before had a thing for equipping I still had thing for both

  7. No-Communication9927

    12 or 14, My

    older siblings pal, utilized to come over all the time, and she utilized to let me see her naked. She would delicately alter her clothing in front of me, and she typically used pantyhose. I enjoyed that she never ever used anything under them.

  8. cruiserno1

    13′ ish. Insufficient women use them now. Which is a pity. Significant fetish for legs in nylon & stilettos for me.

  9. char15946

    Fourth grade with Ms. Sellers … she was my very first lovely instructor that & I squashed on huge time. Like you, she had stunning legs and used brief skirts. My very first genuine sweetheart in 10th grade used them without panties, and I utilized to enjoy her envigorating scent right through them !! You are stunning, making me rock hard! Thank you!

  10. No-Communication9927

    I had an instructor in 8th grade who constantly used large black pantyhose. She was actually quite and had an amazing figure. All the young boys had a thing for her, and I had the very best seat in the class. When she sat at her desk, I might see right up her skirt. One time she saw me attempting to inconspicuously change myself,( significant tough on) she simply smiled. The following day she saw I wasn’t focusing, and she kept me after class, and she recommended that possibly I must stop attempting to search for her skirt and begin taking note. My face turned beet red. To this day I enjoy black pantyhose!!!

  11. Neat_Low_1818

    Late bloomer however


    I was 21. My sweetheart at the time got home with me from a night out and she used black pantyhose with a miniskirt. It

    drove me wild how great her legs looked however I entirely lost it when I saw how it highlighted her and she didn’t use panties with them

  12. Humpie1009

    I was absolutely so young that it was apparent to the girl using them that I was secured, hypnotized by the sexiness. 51 years old and they still drive me insane!

  13. chucknorris719

    4th or 5th grade. Desire females would still use them. Miss my youth when this was a lot more typical

  14. Scottie99

    About 11, I saw an instructor in my class leaning over the desk and the sight of all that nylon fired my creativity.

  15. Hose_B4_Bros

    For as long as I can keep in mind, I

    have actually enjoyed pantyhose I even like them a lot I shave my legs and use ultra soft, silky smooth and glossy

    pantyhose myself

    I like how they feel and search in the legs

    , often I use

    2-3 sets and like how the nylon material carefully touches each other

  16. richig00

    11-12yrs old. Upstairs next-door neighbor constantly had on. I would remain on stoop and await her to

    leave the bus from work and pass me on stairs to state Hello. Thank god I have a caring partner that still likes to feel an be attractive 19yrs and 2kids later on.

  17. YoursAmy973

    About 13/14 yo, I enjoyed to feel that sensation and to use them

  18. maxxx_ivo

    My mama make me place on the white cotton ones throughout the winter season when i was 6 so at that time. Include my if you like pantyhose as much as me i will enjoy to talk abut it:-RRB-

  19. danielle_atxcd

    I initially truly took notification when I had to do with 7 or 8 years of ages. The method they would shine of provide an ultra soft looking texture to legs enthralled me. I saw my mom used them on event, and I would massage her feet and legs so I might get a feel. Around age 10 o fou d a set of knee highs and woukd put them on and rub my feet together enjoyed in the sensation of them.

    When I was 12, I took a set of sheer to waist pantyhose from my mom’s drawer and attempted them on. When I began to surpass my knees, I saw

    that I had a huge erection. I pulled them all the method up and began to rub myself, which was my extremely very first time to climax. It was mind numbing, and it was clear that the pantyhose made an enduring impression on me. I have actually disappeared and on for many years and have actually constantly enjoyed them. When I satisfied my now better half( 2nd), I informed her from the start that I took pleasure in using them.

    She has no problems whatsoever with me using and even motivated me to check out even more. That’s how I started crossdressing totally with makeup and wigs. No matter if I am dressing up totally or simply putting some pantyhose on in guy mode, they still take me back to my youth and my very first real experience.

  20. Lew1966

    About 7. There’s an entire story here. I believe it would captivate you. Weding a female who indulged my fetish for 25 excellent years. We’ve decreased however VERY early. Teacher mom. There’s a lot more to it. About 6 or 7.

  21. NylonsEnthusiast33

    Can’t actually keep in mind however from an extremely early age. Naked ones were my

    very first enthusiasm.

  22. 2BRuledByU

    As long as I can keep in mind

  23. NotMe2120

    I was around 12 years of ages.


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