Flight attendant pantyhose ✈

Feb 11, 2020

Pantyhose Pic Entitled Flight attendant pantyhose ✈️

Live Pantyhose Action

This is another fucking hot hosiery. Flight attendant pantyhose ✈. I adore leggs, because they are the!!


  1. Ohn0notagain

    This is among my greatest fetishes. Every time I fly Im constantly looking at the nylon covered legs as they walk by and trying not to make it obvious. I’ve had to cover myself with the blanket to conceal my raging boner prior to lol

  2. Bob_Newhard

    Fantastic legs and let me know which carrier as most of the Canadian ones are slacks only these days although occasionally one will wear a skirt

  3. bigchef75

    Fantastic legs. Looking awesome

  4. paul95se

    your pics are exceptionally attractive


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