Do you like naked pantyhose or do you choose black?

May 18, 2024

Do you like naked pantyhose or do you choose black?

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  1. sheer_devotion

    depends on the rest of the outfit your wearing , your legs look amazing either way

  2. NetworkBest7155

    Almost always prefer the natural look of nude/tan, but those oily black ones look pretty hot.

  3. JamieBiTV

    For me and I find so many others love very sheer & ultra shiny nude nylons. Men are visual creatures so nylons have been extremely popular for decades. I think nude is slightly more desirable because even with the surge of young superstars wearing them very often these days, they tend to wear black.

  4. Macaron-Annual

    Non me ne frega un cazzo, voglio solo leccarti la fica, mettertelo nel culo e sburrarti in faccia.

  5. Dirty2013

    Depends on what’s inside them and what they are worn with

    Both have their time and place

  6. No_Engineering_6682

    dont care about the hosiery, you got some delicious wonderful curvy thighs and legs

  7. ZenoDogger

    I prefer tan or beige, but I prefer nude over black.

  8. sincapsss

    51 black
    49 nude
    I love ❤️ both babe

  9. bambam708

    Who cares about the color……your legs are simply gorgeous !!! Perfect size/shape….very hot ❤️‍🔥

  10. chummyfb28

    I prefer any color there is none I don’t like


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