Cute Couple Having Pantyhose Sex

Jan 17, 2020

This buddy of mine named Michael (names changed obviously but you get the point) has a pantyhose fetish too. His girlfriend whose name is Layla is really hot. Anyway, he said Layla knows how to get his cock really hard, she wears this sexy outfit with black pantyhose on then lets him rip her pantyhose open and her pussy instantly gets wet from him ripping her hose open and fucking her. To be honest, after I heard that story my cock got hard. So anyways I asked Michael do you think you and your girl would be interested in filming with me. What happens next is below. If you want to watch the video you’ll have to get to, I will tell you though it is really worth it.

After filming this I wanted to ask him if I could fuck her too and I could tell she really wanted to but was afraid of what Michael would think. Anyway I still get off watching this video and you will too so go check it out, It is worth your time I guarantee it.


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