Beautiful Blonde Faith In Black Pantyhose

Feb 5, 2020

So this is a flashback from the past. This is a few years old (not going to tell you how old but it is). Anyhow this is Faith, she is a sexy blonde and she has a classic look. She  reminds me of the girls you would see in the pantyhose commercials in the eighties. Anyhow when I told her I wanted to see her in a black dress and black pantyhose, she got excited. She said she always feels sexy when she has a pair of pantyhose and a short dress on. She had no problem turning it on for me in this photoshoot.

If this isn’t enough to turn you on I don’t know what will. This is only half the photos I took of Faith, the rest I keep for myself :). Anyhow if you think this is hot imagine being able to to tell Faith what to do in her pantyhose and nylons? At Pantyhoseme webcams you can chat and cam with girls that are as hot as Faith and they will satisfy your fetish. If that sounds like fun to you hit up our webcams at the top of the page.



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