Ashton In Yellow Pantyhose Spreading and Ripping

Jan 7, 2020

Ashton is a very pretty model. She has a nice tan and really nice tits. I asked her to put on a pair of pantyhose for me because well I like girls in pantyhose. She obliged and got really horny when I started taking photos. I asked her if she minds me filming a little bit and she didn’t care. She started tearing her pantyhose up and told me she wanted me to stick my cock in her pantyhosed pussy. Sorry guys I didn’t film that part but I tell you what I had a good time doing it.


In case those sexy pics of Ashton posing and ripping her pantyhose up wasn’t enough for you I supplied the video below. Trust me if those pics don’t get you off this sexy video of her certainly will. I have filmed some girls in my day but none like Ashton her eyes and smile and how much she loves pantyhose goes hand in hand with me.


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