Amateur Girl Crystal Sending Selfies In Pantyhose

Jan 28, 2020

I have a friend her name is Crystal. She is petite and built real pretty. I asked her if she wanted to do some photo shoots with me. She said no because she was very shy. I told her she has no reason she is extremely pretty and she does wear pantyhose and tights on occasion. I told please don’t be just send me pics like you would your boyfriend and let me post them and show you the kind of reaction that they will get. I finally talked her into it. The next thing I know I am getting selfies of her just wearing pantyhose and very sexy poses. What do you guys think?

What do you think? I think Crystal should let me film her having sex with a guy while I jerk off and film it. It would be very sexy to see her in nylons and pantyhose getting her tight pussy and tiny tits fucked really good, don’t ya think? I’m sorry guys I just really want to fuck her and she knows that she has a nice ass that is why there is so many pics of her pantyhosed ass in there.



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