Pantyhoseme Model Dee In Tan Pantyhose Photoshoot

So it’s been a while since we heard from Dee Dee, if you want to check out some selfies from her you can do so by Clicking Here. Anyway, she came over and had some nice tan pantyhose and we got her to do a few pics for us and we thought you would enjoy seeing her. That quiet and odd look she has is Dee Dee’s true personality but don’t worry she loves to get naked and she loves pantyhose so you can’t go wrong with that kind of girl. Also check out her playlist on our youtube channel by clicking here.


New Girl Melody Proves She Likes To Exercise In Pantyhose

Melody is a new girl at Pantyhoseme and I asked her why did she want to work with us and she said she loves pantyhose, I said what do you like to do in pantyhose? She said exercise when she came in she had this little skirt on and black pantyhose, after I said prove it, she took off her skirt and started exercising in pantyhose and thong panties, you can’t beat that, can you?

Check out Melody’s Video