Blonde School Girl Alexia In Plaid Miniskirt and Taupe Pantyhose

Alexia shot some more videos and pics with us. I can’t get enough of this blonde, she hasn’t slept with a guy yet but she doesn’t mind to fuck sex toys and girls (It’s true just check out her video with Grace). Anyway we hope you enjoy these pics we took of her.

Carolina in Short Shorts and Taupe Pantyhose Taking Selfies

Meet the newest model at Pantyhoseme, Carolina. I saw her in the restaurant that I was eating at and she had on this outfit. I told her I loved her outfit because she had on Taupe pantyhose. I asked her what she does for a living and she said retail. I asked her if she wanted to make more money with me. When asked how I told her dropping those shorts and show that body in pantyhose of course. She was all in and this is the pics we got.

Check out the video that went along with this, you are going to love it