Andrea Practicing Yoga Wearing Sheer Pantyhose

Andrea is one of our most beloved models here at Pantyhoseme. The reason why is you can tell she loves to wear nylons, tights, and pantyhose. She loves when I tell her about guys wanting to do ungodly things to her while she is wearing pantyhose. She asked me if I wanted to see her in bra, panties, and pantyhose this time, I told her no I want to see her do what she would normally do while she is wearing pantyhose. Do you know what she said? I love to practice yoga while wearing pantyhose. So here you go, enjoy!


I don’t care what she is doing Andrea is so fucking sexy when she puts on her nylons and pantyhose. I told her that I have to watch myself around her because she really gets me aroused. If you like the pics check out the video below her doing what she does best. Making a pair of pantiehose look good.

Slender Brunette Trish Posing In Bra, Panties and Buff Pantyhose

Trish Standing In Buff Pantyhose Trish Sitting and Posing In Bufff Pantyhose Sexy Slim Brunette Posing In Buff Pantyhose 

Trish is a slender brunette who looks absolutely stunning in buff pantyhose. Don’t you wish your girlfriend or wife would dress as Trish does? Let her know below what you think about her pantyhosed legs.

I’ve decided to add the video for your viewing pleasure!