Amy Is Back To Sending Selfies This Time In Her Bra, Panties and Black Pantyhose

Amy is one of the sexiest models we have on Pantyhoseme and any time she is wearing something with pantyhose I tell her to send me some pics right away because who doesn’t want to look at this hottie in hose? Anyway if you like what you see with Amy and you think she is hot you should really check out her youtube videos by Clicking here. Also if you are really horny and want some girl to satisfy your fetish in a one-on-one atmosphere check out our live Pantyhose Cams Here.

PantyhoseMe Girl Amy In Sexy Black Pantyhose Selfies

It’s been a few months since we last heard from Amy and out of the blue she sent me these selfies and asked if I like them and here is the result and I have to admit it. I do love these and I hope to get more in the future! If you would like to see more from Amy check out her playlist on Youtube and she also has an upcoming video soon Click Here. I also got one of her videos below for your viewing pleasure

Here is one of Amy in pantyhose in the bed room.

Pretty Amateur Model Amy In Tan Pantyhose

It’s been a while since we last saw Amy, if you don’t remember her check out these really sexy Youtube Videos of her by Clicking Here. Anyhow, I asked her to take some pics for us in pantyhose and she was more than willing and was really happy about doing it and we was really happy about getting them. Nothing better than a pretty girl in pantyhose.


Sexy Pantyhoseme Model Amy Sent Me Selfies In Her New Tights

Amy is very beautiful and one girl I can’t get enough of. Bless her heart she don’t understand my pantyhose fetish and these ain’t the kind I am normally into so she sent me some of her new tights thinking that would turn me on, she is so damn hot though it worked.


Love these pics check out Amy’s video on Youtube.

Amy In Her New Pair Of Pantyhose Is Feeling Sexy

Amy is a beautiful girl that I can’t get enough of. When she got a new pair of hose and asked if I wanted her to model in them I instantly said yes and here is the results.