Amanda Taking Off Her Clothes To Masturbate Wearing Pantyhose

Amanda is a smart, beautiful young woman who is currently going to college but she loves to take pics for me in pantyhose.This was a shoot from a video we got on our Fanclub Page it’s called Amanda gets really horny in sheer pantyhose. Some reason it says mini skirt on the video, I think our copywriter got it wrong. We have posted Pics of Amanda before. You can find them where it’s highlighted in last sentence or use our search for Amanda but enjoy these pics but you would enjoy the video much more.

College Babe Amanda Showing Her Appreciation Of Pantyhose

If you want to know if pantyhose is still fashionable just go around any college especially in the fall and you see girls wearing pantyhose. If you don’t see them where you are at school then you are going to the wrong school. We meet Amanda and she looked amazing in hosiery and told her she could be a pantyhose model. We then talked her into doing some videos and of course after she saw all our male model’s cock she was down to sleep with him which you can watch that by Clicking here. Also Amanda has some videos that we recently put out on our youtube channel check them out at